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Aquatic warming- is oil extraction a contributing factor?

Governments have yet to require the oil industry to insure that oil extraction from under the sea floor isn't potentially increasing the rate in which thermal energy is being transferred from the hotter planet surface, into the colder ocean waters. If this is happening, humanity my never live long enough to see the recovery of the planetary ice. Even if we greatly reduced the CO2 levels. Lab experiments suggest that this thermal increase might actually be happening.


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    It has already been shown that humanities massive unnatural direct aquatic thermal contribution has accumulated and is greatly responsible for the rapid decline in the planetary ice and snow packs. This is due to the fact that 90 plus percent of the oceans have an inwards direction of conduction. We don't need oil extraction adding to this already troubling reality. Maybe limits should be established in each well, depending on various factors of risk. Plus the oil industry should have to invest in the compensating measures.

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