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Buffalo Wild Wings lack of recycling

It was brought to my attention that BWW uses all paper products for plates. I was talking to a former server that worked briefly for the company and she explained that due to lack of space they don't have a dish room. I was appalled and immediately thought of all the needless waste going into our landfills.I don't know how to go about investigating the validity of this claim and if it's true what could be done to change the situation. BWW is a huge corporation and I imagine there would be a lot of hoops to go through. Any suggestions or has anyone heard about this?


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    House of worship where I attend services uses plastic plates because in this town all plastic is recyclable. It doesn't even need to be clean--just empty.

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    It must vary by resturant location. The BWW here in Albuquerque uses real plates. The only reason why a company would choose to use disposable products is that it is its external costs can remain external. It is cheaper for them to throw plates out than build the infrastructure to wash them and reuse. Once external costs of business become part of the cost of doing business, massive change in operationg procedures will happen.

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