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Global Mining and Manufacturer’s Corporate Agendas

Understanding the current base and precious metal mining industry is something that many people think they know. Mining is conducted in underground and surface mines, what more is there to know.

Understanding there are two types of mining, would it be ‘historically’ plausible to think that global mining machinery manufacturers could restrict underground mining in order to increase the number of high sales value surface mining operations worldwide?

It is a serious thought to think, considering that there are only really three dominating underground base and precious metal mining machinery manufacturers globally.

My name is Brendon Butler and I have spent over seven years researching this very topic. It has seen me into jobs and self-funded research that has allowed me access to all relevant areas of research. I have spoken with regional manufacturer managers, mining contractor general managers, mine managers, project managers, many internationally experienced underground mining operators, manufacturer distributers, etc. In all of the interactions undertaken, not one person has said or implied that this topic is indeed incorrect. Many have said it does hold merit.

If many industry members each understand that, there are fundamental inefficiencies in the mining industry. Then how has the underground mining industry still been allowed to be restricted, and who may have supported it? Legitimate questions to be asked and answered.

The complexities of this topic need to be understood in a global scale. If you restrict underground mining (where most high value ore is located) then you essentially lock that supply away. This in turn increases the value of the metals globally (over many decades) thus increasing the number of surface mining operations using large efficient mining equipment.

High commodity prices would benefit the manufacturers that make the underground mining equipment, the surface mining equipment and the exploration mining equipment. However, because this may have been slowly played out over many decades, it will have also increased the margins made by mining companies on the value of metals sold.

It is an extraordinarily powerful concept that could only be proved by calling the practice out or getting the protagonists to prove it is not true.

This task is now upon us all. A publication containing years of research on how to prove, call out, fix, and improve mining is now available in the following link: http://www.scribd.com/doc/109637671/Interference-Anomalies

Understanding the effect on the global economy, considering the influence commodity prices have on global growth. Is it advisable that all who read this article read the new publication and demand your economic leaders to respond, considering the current economic conditions?

Written by, Brendon Butler.


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    Of course any group able to impose near monopoly prices for anything will whatever it can to exploit such ability. Since the minerals extracted by hard rock mining are NOT renewable--at best recyclable, it is probably just as well that something is slowing down mining, so as to leave some for future generations.

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    Even though I would rather as much ore as possible remain underground as long as possible for the benefit of future generations, I will also say that there have been recent advances made in oil well drilling technology such that anything that can be done by current underground mining equipment can also be done with oil well drilling equipment. It will take longer because drills make smaller diameter holes, but it can be done.

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