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DirecTV and e-waste - A Time for Change

Issue: DirecTV's hardware leasing practices directly contributes a significant amount of e-waste to our environment. Consider the following


a. When a consumer cancels service, DirecTV selectively decides what receivers/hardware is to be returned. The hardware works without issues but DirecTV only wants the newer equipment returned and leaves the perfectly working equipment with the customer. It cannot be sold and must be disposed because DirecTV has tagged the device as being "unrecoverable" even though the equipment works just fine.

b. DirecTV's hardware leasing policy is the direct contributor to this problem and prevents perfectly working equipment from being re-used.

The intent of this policy is to increase DirecTV hardware sales and is without regard to the environmental impact. If DirecTV was environmentally friendly, they would allow equipment, in working order, to remain in service and to be used by consumers in an open market. Instead, DirecTV's focus is on profits at the expense of the environment.

As Evidenced By:

Go to your local ads and see how many DirecTV receivers are being listed. Contact the seller for their story.


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  1. An excellent example. We need to change the way we use material goods so that we can use each item longer before it is repaired, re-purposed or discarded. Repairing and re-purposing would help the wider economy even if it came at a cost to DirecTV's profit margin. But what is the most effective way to achieve this goal? What do you think?

    2 years ago

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