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Just read recommendation to allow E15 fuel to be sold. Yes you say it is for 2001 or later highway vehicles. Do you assume that retailers can afford the tanks and pumps to also carry fuel for older and Marine products? Is it cheaper or more expensive for refineries to blend several types of fuel rather than one? Whats happens when the public realizes that they get less fuel Mileage on E fuel? When we figure out how to do this with kudzu or other product not consumed by humans or livestock only then maybe.


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    Christopher Haase

    We need to look at the long-term industry and GOV data on the failures of ethanol blends. It is historic and conclusive that there are far more negative impacts from ethanol blends than positive.

    Equal billion$ spent have proven to have a far greater impact by converting vehicles to run on bio/nat gas powered vehicles that improve public health, vehicle life and environment.

    Offering a lifetime return on these investments... while

    ethanol blends have left decades of regrets.

    Research sources:

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      shagnski ( Idea Submitter )

      It would appear that we both agree that we need to stop this push toward ethanol blends and find better alternatives.

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      Christopher Haase

      shagnski Yes we agree...and I agree with decades of EPA, Auto Manf., Agricultural, EDU and WHO research/Data. Yes there are arguments from industry lobbyists and "job creators" but NO research/data has come forward that supports long term benefits of corn based ethanol in vehicles. Bio/gas/diesel-Yep (depending on feedstock). Competitive cellulose based ethanol? Nope, not in next 10-15 years even with billion$ dumped into that and the mythical CCS clean coal solution.

      Fact is that farmers make more selling corn as food crops and "hey a few more people get to live", "cars get better MPG" and tax payers save billion$ in subsidizing a energy loss, water guzzling fuel - End Rant.

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    Cattle will eat kudzu. It is kind of rich--the cows owner needs to make sure they don't eat so much they get indigestion.

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    Carbon capture and store is NOT merely a myth. Global Thermostat claims to capture CO2 cost-effectively. The question is HOW cost-effectively. That needs to be tested. Using CO2 instead of water as hydraulic fluid for Enhanced Geothermal Systems will store a lot of CO2. The cost-effectiveness of that also needs more work. There is hope--if enough money can be raised to go DO something instead of just complaining. The alternative is unmitigated global warming with the potential to destroy agriculture leading to massive starvation.

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      Christopher Haase

      I love your passion for clean coal & encourage you to expand the topic thread here on encouraging data that may give some hope over the recent CBO & DOE costs/feasibility reports.

      And I can't agree with you more on the same MIT geothermal information I often cite and promote (VERY encouraging!).

      I work on waste2energy programs that encourage the utilization of the nearly 2/3rds of energy & resources that are globally wasted. I advocate that there is no need to use new sources or solutions to old problems when so much is wasted & so many alternatives exist over fossil fuels.

      I do apologize that my rant sounded like a complaint & sidelined the main E15 topic. I would never complain if I did not have dozens of inarguable alternatives that are better for people & our planet, which I do & have openly shared for over a decade.

      Thanks again for your passion & concern.

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    shagnski ( Idea Submitter )

    What does that have to do with E15 fuel?

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      Christopher Haase

      Thanks shagnski I think CCS & ethanol blends have more than a little in common.

      Like ethanol, CO2 mitigation has proven to utilize 20-30% more resources (energy at a loss like E15) & consume massive amounts of fresh water over traditional methods (Like ethanols 1 gallon of needs 700 gallons of water -

      Also, watching the billion$ of tax dollars spent on it & the corps behind it looks a lot like the ethanol push of the 70's.

      Sadly, I think the political/market similarities go even further than I want to read into it.

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    Judi Engel

    Consider this...we are in an economic crisis!! All older machines will run poorly if at all. People are hurting to get by, or not able to find work. How can they even afford a newer car? Or get financing when un-employed??

    And all yard equipment will be the same.

    Picture a man barely feeding his family, whos car breaks down, and he looses his job because he cant get to work. Postpone this decision to increase the % till the economy is better and makers of machinery have figured figured out how to make a conversion kit to allow us to burn that. I cant afford to replace all my yard equipment or get another vehicle.

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