Improving Air Quality

Encourage Alternative Commuting & Avoid Wasting Public Funds

An important issue to consider for improved air quality is transportation in daily commuting to work. This implies cracking the solo-driving conundrum. Recently, the Bay Area suggested to tax drivers up to 10 cents per mile to ease traffic and pollution. On the contrary, instead of increasing taxes, we suggest to reduce costs and reduce spending by encouraging employees, employers and their businesses to use alternative commuting (bike, walk, public transit, carpool etc.) and be rewarded for these efforts. This is what a California business, RideSpring, has pushed forward over the last couple of years.

Unfortunately, to achieve a reward system for alternative commuters, we need transparency from government agencies and proper use of public funds. The article below is a prime example of lessons learned on how emission reduction spending was improperly used by local agencies while achieve zero results.

Transparency is the first step in integrating programs that benefit the environment and our communities through efficient financing.


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    Back in the 1970s or 1980s, Memphis TN found that widening roads for rush hour traffic was both too expensive and too unpopular with those whose land would have to be taken by eminent domain to be worthwhile, that regular buses wouldn't work because most of the commuters causing rush hour traffic would refuse to ride buses with the poor, and they finally went with organizing and subsidizing van pools.

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