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My number one reason for cycling to work is that it’s fun. My route includes a long stretch of a bike trail nestled above the Potomac river, where instead of a crowded metro car or traffic I enjoy early morning scenes of mist rising off the water, local crew teams gliding in rhythm to the “stroke, stroke, stroke” of the coxswain, and the occasional glimpse of a beaver or other critter.

But there are plenty of other good reasons for riding to work: it’s healthy, saves commuting and gas money, and the more people who bike to work the less traffic—and related air pollution—there is for everyone.

I think Bike to Work Day (happening this Friday, May 18 in the Washington, DC area and elsewhere) is a great way to encourage people to give riding to work a try.

Will you be riding your bike to work this Friday? Why or why not? Do you have other ideas for encouraging more folks to commute by bike? Please share your ideas!


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    Jessica Orquina
    ( Moderator )

    Aaron, I wish I was brave enough to bike in city traffic! Maybe someday... Until them I take public transportation and walk to the office.

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