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Energy - electricity

Research suggests that we might also be able to generate massive volumes of electricity by constructing massive floating platforms or decks upon the ocean surface that would then allow us to harvest the oceans heaving potential by also anchoring cables to the sea floor, which would then turn massive generators. The key is in designing proper measures to protect the limitations of the massive anchors, against the pull of the floating structure. This should not be a problem. __Also, it’s about time that we develop the technology to harvesting lightning strikes, which could then be fed into the national grid. We already have the ability. We simply need to invest in and apply that ability. We simply need to design and build several of the high speed telescoping collection towers. Place them in the key locations. Link them to a simulated grid designed to absorb and disperse the energy being collected. Everyone knows the potential of such a system, especially if inclusive of ocean based structures. Investing in the transmission cables is the greatest expense and question linking a system that can handle dozens if not hundreds of strikes a day, from various distant locations.



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