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Monsanto and its GMO program is BAD for all of us and needs to be STOPPED NOW!


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    What do you suggest instead? I dislike the use of herbicide rsistant crops to help push herbicide sales0--and end up with super-herbicide resistant weeds when those crops try to crow where they are not welcome.--but what is the alternative?

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    Not knowing how big an area you have, hard to recommend. For smaller gardens, weed them with a hoe or by hand. If we don't stop Monsanto soon, they will control the whole food chain.

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    Isn't there something in the constitution about the federal government being able to declare a patent important to national defense and buy the patent for $25,000. That would be several million dollars correcting for inflation since 1789. The nation's farmers do need to defend crop land from weeds. I fear that Round Up Ready is turning out to be counterproductive for defending cropland from weeds--like feral Round Up Ready canola.

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