Taking Action on Climate Change

Get out and Vote

From building codes to greenhouse gas emissions standards, elected officials can make a huge difference in how much carbon is in the atmosphere. Get out and vote for candidates who make green a priority. Every vote counts.


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    Phillip Newcomb

    Hold it on the Climate Change BS. This planet has been and always will be a carbon based system. I can't help but laugh at the situation the EPA has created, and also Agenda 21. Plants, trees, grass, everything that has chloroform in it needs carbon dioxide to exist. All of us want to protect the Amazon, yet you non thinkers are trying to kill it by trying to eliminate CO2. The whole carbon thing has gotten way out of hand with taxing for cattle, taxing for plane tickets, eventually there will be a tax if you fart in your own home. The only Green part of Agenda 21 is the money, and absolute control by the big boys who love to dominate because they think they are smarter and going to save the whole world, when it is all about taking your money, and have you work for them. Look at Spain where did Green jobs get them, nothing. The only thing about GREEN is that it is becoming RED in socialism and eventually blood as these control freaks are start to tell all of the world can not sustain us humans so we have to resort to carrying out genocide in order to survive and save mother earth. Listen mother earth will survive it was her before us and it will be here after us. Do not, and I repeat Do not take all of the GREEN (RED) crap as gospel. I am not going back to the early 1800s way of living, in otherwords I will not comply and I will fight this GREEN and the EPA with all of my capability to preven such foolishness from changing my way of life. I recycle, care about pollution,and all of those things that would affect us and our children, and there children, but this GREEN (RED) BS is way out of control and I WILL NOT COMPLY. The EPA can take Agenda 21 and all that go with it and place it where the sun never shines, and that excludes the darkside of the moon.

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