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Home-scale anaerobic digesters produce more energy than solar panels anytime day or night, rain or shine while generating high-quality fertilizer for local food security and diverting organic waste from landfills. Biogas is the same as fossil natural gas only instead of taking 65 million years to make, we can make it every day in our own backyards, enjoying energy independence and security while improving the environment. The carbon in biogas is biogenic carbon and not considered an excessive greenhouse gas---we exhale biogenic carbon every few seconds. There are 50 million households in China using biogas, it's time for the US to catch up!


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    Jennifer Blaese

    I completely agree and believe this is an untapped resource. I would love to turn my dog's waste into energy, but haven't seen the technology to do so. If you have any resources, I would love suggestions.

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    Sorry. Bad idea in my opinion. We want to sequestre carbon dioxide not release it to the environment. How abot free energy from sunshine streaming through our windows waiting to be trapped by insulating drapes, shades, shutters? How about free energy and money from saving energy with weatherization and insulation? After a short payback, it is an anuity of energy savings for life.

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    Starla Titterington

    Sacramento does used bio fuel for regional transit, and Landfills are getting on board (since it is cost effective). While bio fuel does lessen the gross pollution and seemingly fix the gas crisis, it is still prolonging a problem. Comparing China w/ US when talking about air quality looses the debate lol.

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