Improving Air Quality

Make Woodstoves meet Health Guidelines per Law

DHHS Essential Services policy requires all threats to life and health be stopped and prevented. Wood smoke is 12 times more carcinogenic than tobacco smoke that is banned. It pollutes regions more than cars that are regulated. So require NSPS stds to meet EPA guidelines for a safe pm2.5 dose of raw wildfire and wood smoke at 180 mcg/m3,hr. It will help air quality, global warming, lower chemicals, clean up communities, improve environmental justice. We must obey the laws of God and man and care for neighbours and the earth. This is popular with the EPA, God, EDF, 80% of people per polls.


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    egrolimund ( Idea Submitter )

    EPA says stove regulation is local idea. Yes. But EPA is setting NSPS stds that can cause or stop local pollution and it is writing me that only best tech will be evaluated. Pm stds and new safe doses for wood smoke pm are not going to be checked. The public is not buying the product however, and is buying gas stoves and that should tell you that 70% think burning wood is polluting and therefor injurious to health and the constituion says government cannot allow health problems. The EPA must tell the OMB that small sources of wood smoke can add to large amounts like car pollution and cities can't cope without federal guidance like the good work on tobnacco smoke.Pictures of houses and cities engulfed in wood smoke prove it. Intervention is required by the constitution and the oaths of office to protect health. The Surgeon Generals office agreed by phone. The OMB must obey the Surgeon General.

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