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Mercury Use in Humans

When my son was diagnosed with Autism I became aware of how very toxic Mercury is. I am aware that much of the Mercury used in this country comes from use in filling teeth.


I think that this practice is archaic, particularly since there are other alternatives for filling teeth. I think it is time that Mercury is banned from use in the mouth or any product that is ingested or injected. It is so highly toxic, and it can affect our DNA and RNA, changing our genome forever.


As a parent, I am concerned about the apparent epidemic of Autism in our country. But as any scientist will tell you, there is no such thing as a "genetic epidemic" it just doesn't "happen." It is created by changes we are making to our health from constant repeated exposure to heavy metals in products and procedures that we use for our "medicine" in the short term, but which are really toxic to us in the long term.


Dentists who remove toxic fillings should have safety standards that they can follow to remove them safely without contaminating the air and water at their dental clinics and without further damaging the health of the patient. I think these standards should be at least as strict and controlled as what we currently employ for asbestos and lead removal in buildings.



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