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Pass the FRAC Act

I have a real issue with the lack of regulation regarding the extreme extraction method known as hydraulic fracturing.

Why is this exempt from Clean Water, Clean Air & Safe Drinking Water Acts? Why is the BLM allowing the extraction of our national resources for export? Why is the EPA not inisisting Congress pass the FRAC Act? Will the EPA be commenting on the proposed rule changes regarding hydrualic fracturing? I am, moreBLM Comment on Proposed Rule

My comment has to do with several points in the proposed rule change. First, the proposed rule would require disclosure of chemicals used after the fracturing operation is completed. My question is, would this be retroactive? Since the disclosure happens after the frac, could this rule be used toSee more..24 minutes ago · LikeUnlike · .


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    I agree, if it was a small business simply trying to clear brush or harvest gravel, they'd have to do an environmental impact study in many areas. Yet, these guy's linked to the federal government aren't being forced to do much of anything. I ponder the effects of a large earth quake in regions where this fracking has been done, possibly shifting things around to where we have massive surface leaks of gas or other chemicals, which might also contaminate well water.

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