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Has the EPA ever considered creating a separate waste disposal system for people's pets? For example, I own a cat and place its waste products and litter in a dumpster. Wouldn't a separate system for this type of waste help the earth?


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    Wendy Holm

    ALSO PET PACKAGING... My pet's favourite pet food comes in bags unabashedly labeled with a recycling code of "88". I phoned and asked the company (abeit rhetorically) where they could be recycled. They came back a week later with "nowhere in western Canada", suggesting instead that I "re-purpose" them by for example filling them with kitty litter and hauling them to the landfill. After a brief discussion of full life-cycle responsibility, I explained i had no option but to mail back the offending bags once a quarter.

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    I can't remember where, but I believe I have seen a doggy latrine with a lid for disposing of pet waste. You buy the contraption, dig a hole in your garden or lawn to bury it up to its collar, then flip open the lid to add waste to the hole, and put the lid down to avoid tripping in the hole.

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    Starla Titterington

    ...few years back there was a news article of a man from Australia who (retro fitted?) a dog parks trash system to convert the feces into energy. If we find a purpose, even though cleaning up our own mess should be enough, there may be more success with this! Like it.

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