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RESEARCH:CO2 from fossil fuels is a good emmission!


One of the most studied mysteries of atmospheric science is how a gas molecule such as carbon dioxide (CO₂), which is almost one and a half times heavier than the air column, can defy gravity and rise to the upper atmosphere. It’s understandable how a heavier gas can be propelled within the boundaries of the Hydrologic Cycle (aka Water Cycle) because of the mixing (thermal, wind and orographics effects) within the zone that feeds Earth’s flora. Thus CO₂ generated from entropy of fossil fuels does NOT leave the influence of the boundaries of the “Water cycle”. In other words the CO₂ molecule does not defy gravity!

On November 4, 2010, the date of the EPOXI and Deep Impact missions flyby of the comet Hartley 2, University of Maryland Astronomer Michael A’Hearn, the principal investigator, said: ."When warmed by the sun, dry ice [frozen carbon dioxide] deep in the comet's body turns to gas jetting off the comet and dragging water ice with it.” In other words CO₂ was shooting off snowballs from the comet.

Hartley 2 is a comet from the Jupiter region referred to as “Snowballs”. These comets have the identical water molecule to those found on Earth.

It appears that all the breathable oxygen (O₂) and all of Earth’s carbon came from “Snowball” comets in the form of CO₂. Because the CO₂ molecule is heavier than the atmospheric gases, the CO₂ will slowly sink toward the surface. As a result the flora becomes more robust, producing an increase amount of O₂ thus making the fauna robust. An example of this phenomenon occurred from about 200 million years ago (Triassic period) until about 65 million years (end of the Jurassic period) when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Also Nature used this process to produce most of the fossil fuels that we enjoy today.

It appears that the modification or control of CO₂ discharges from fossil fuel facilities has NO bearing on the CO₂ in the outer reaches of the atmosphere. In fact an increase in CO₂ within the influence of the “Water Cycle” will help the fauna and flora to thrive and result in NO influence on the overall Earth’s thermal condition.

The only time Earth’s temperature increased was a result of the entire globe being covered with ice, and the CO₂ from the “Snowball” comets was trapped in the atmosphere above the ice layer. This thermal “blanket” eventually caused Earth’s surface temperature to raise melting most of the ice. Except for this one occurrence, the default condition for Earth has always been ice.

Science does not have the thermal evidence or knowledge to determine if Earth’s climate is continuing to recover from the last ice age (the 4th cycle 12,000+ years ago) or beginning a fifth. A millennium of climate data may only make one point on the climate trend curve?



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