Protecting America’s Waters

Recycling of Fracturing and Production Water

We hear and read a lot about stopping fracturing of oil and gas wells and the how they contaminate water, while this is true thewat6er can be recycled and reused in drilling and fracturing activities, our company has developed a process that removes contaminates to include salt bring the water to below required EPA rquired standards. Its injection well that are the real issue, this is were contaminated water is sent down hole and never to be recycled or reused again


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    We need to keep used fracking water out of aquifers. Since enhanced geothermal systems start at 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) and go down from there, using used fracking water as hydraulic fluid in enhanced geothermal systems should put that water BELOW where the aquifers are--provided the wells are well-lined with water-tight well-liners going through any aquifers on the way down.

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