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Require no-idling technology in all new cars

Idle start/stop systems shut a car down when it is idling. Since idling causes unnecessary emissions, why not do more than encourage drivers not to idle?

Some cars already have this technology, such as Toyota Prius and Mini Cooper. And some car manufacturers are already planning on using this for all their cars in the future, such as Mazda and Ford. We should require it of all new cars.


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    We have two Prius that use half the gas of equivalent mid sized cars at equivalent price for the level of features, finish, room, trunk size, you name it. This technology has been for sale for 8 years. Detroit knows how to do it. They just don't want to. When they do a hybrid they jack the price way up, not like Toyota and Honda who make reasonable hybrids at reasonable price. The "stop engine" is a small part - go the whole way, insist on significantly better now - we get mid 40 mpg on daily trips, that's average, not downhill with a tailwind like Detroit advertizes.

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