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Soils biosphere

I we accept the Bible as an historical document. We find that Mathusala lived 1059 years and Noah lived 1050 years. When the great flood was over lifespan was reduced to 100 years plus or minus.


This conveys that the terrestrial mineral trace elements had largely been moved from the terrestial to the deep marine oceanic.


Since the beginning of ON-OFF irrigation and other agricultural practices the mineral trace elements have demiinished even further until in the USA there are only 15% remaining foo value.


All water contains salines. Salines travel downward slowly but rise rapidly tending toward turning the soils into a salt lake. Thus destroying the soils biosphere

that supports all life plant, animal and human.


There is but one solution and that only for row and tree crop. No solution for turf crop other than false

water table.


The solution to this problem is perfect irrigation that releases water continuously at the exact solar soil re-

lationship. There is such a device and I am the exclusive owner as a gift from a now decease double

PhD scientist as a result of my refusal to write an unlimited check backed by Swiss bonds.


All my attempts have failed to find even the slightest interest in the ONLY solution to the the environmental problem.



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