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Stop Providing Bottled Water at events and meetings

If we start requesting people to bring their own reusable bottles of water if they need water this will save money and the environment. Just for convenience bottled water is being served at every events and meetings. I am organizing an event Earthday@Loudoun Family Festival and we decided not to provide it. We'll have water to fill up reusable bottles and bottles to give away if people need it.


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    Was it more cost effective to just provide the water and not the bottles?

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    Community Member

    This is a HORRIBLE idea!! The health and SAFETY of *thousands* of people at SUMMER (HOT) festivals n such, people NEED access to PLENTY of water..

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    Well if the water you choose to supply is abundant and safe I can see no reason why this won't work, especially since you provide reusable canteens for those who forget to bring their own. does anyone know of any studies that show the cleanliness of toilet water v.s. bottled water?

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    Maureen Pollock

    I feel people need to be eased into major life changing habits. Considering at most major events, there are various locations around the grounds for both food and drink, perhaps offering both bottled water and an opportunity to refill your non plastic water bottle or even purchase one at the event could be a good start. As time would go on, people would hopefully start to wean off of plastic bottles. There could be educational signs posted throughout the grounds about water issues. In regards of water sanitary concerns, all events and the vendors that sell at them are ultimately concerned about making money. Water companies need to evolve along with consumers, maybe they could provide the filtered water fountain. All in all, I believe there are definitely some innovative/creative ways to get consumers to stop using plastic bottles. Obviously, it will take time, but it is definitely time to start getting people to wean off plastic bottles.

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    I carry a water bottle around just about everywhere I go anyway just because I hate paying for drinks (and water bottles). Plus, no calories.

    People have mentioned sanitation. I thought this was why you let the water run for a moment before you drank from a fountain? I grew up drinking out of a hose so fountains don't bother me. Furthermore, if these people are bringing their water to the place (I was thinking they had a water cooler to refill the bottles with) then sanitation wouldn't be that big of an issue.

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    I work at EPA in the Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response, and part of our mission is to promote resource conservation and recycling.

    There are many ways to prevent waste at events and meetings, and asking event-goers to bring their own cups, plates, utensils, or water bottles is definitely one of them. If having event-goers bring their own bottles and utensils isn't an option, providing clearly-marked recycling bins can help prevent recycleables from ending up in landfills. For more ways to reduce waste for events this summer, check out

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    Bringing a bottle does not weigh much and saves money. But I do not want to take yet another job from people who are on the low-wage end of the economy, so give them a job. Let them sell reusuable bottles and also charge for dispensing water to people who bring bottles. As long as they have the simple sanitary training to ensure safe water, we are doing good all around. Yes, it will impose a low cost on people who bring bottles, but at a great benefit.

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    Ellie North

    As someone who attended Woodstock '99 in over 100 degree heat where small Poland Spring water bottles were sold at 4 bucks a pop, I think that's a terrible idea. That didn't end very well.

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