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Stop the Genetic Erosion

During 1960s, the chemical fertilizers were introduced to the fields in the name of green revolution which created immense imbalance in soil chemistry, the soil biota. As a result of which the natural balance was totally disrupted. This green revolution created hundreds of environmental problems during last 5 decades.

In the same way, in modern era the genetic engineering tools are made in practice to disrupt the natural genetic mechanism of species in the name of efficient organisms. I m pretty sure, the world will look into the matter very seriously after the appearance of severe consequences in coming future. The regular introduction of new genes in organism can lead to a antagonism where the products of different genes may cause antagonism to each other, as a result of which, lethal metabolites can come to the surface. Such state of the genetic erosion will force scientists to think deeply into the matter but it may be very unfortunate when the geniune species be totally replaced by such engineered species.The resultant products of different species will further disrupt the natural balance of environment irreversibly. So pls stop the genetic change of species


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    So far most GE crops are either herbicide resistant so farmers can use great gobs of herbicides on their fields -- which is a horrible idea--look at GE canola turning into a rampant roadside weed. Or they have a GE version of bt toxin to kill insects AND the GE bt toxin is on ALL the time which makes it toxic to most animals NOT ONLY insects. Natural bt is much more selective.

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