Building Strong State and Tribal Partnerships

Strengthening our Tribal Partnerships - what are your ideas?

I work at EPA as the Assistant Administrator for the Office of International and Tribal Affairs. Part of the mission of our office is to work directly with tribal governments to protect human health and the environment in Indian country. (Read more about our work with tribes here: With diminishing fiscal resources, it is even more important to strengthen our tribal partnerships to achieve our goals. This past year, we've developed a strong partnership with Tribal Colleges and Universities, and in the near future, we’ll be focusing more on data needs and innovative technology to help us better help the tribes.

What ideas do you have to strengthen our environmental partnerships with tribal governments?


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    one idea to strengthen the partnership is to look more at contracting services. It will save fs money and provide an income to the tribes. For example we in the juneau are surrounded by mines. we could be doing some of the testing to ensure safe discharges and tailing dumping.

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    Continue to streamline grant application and reporting by providing each Tribe with one point of contact for all grants at EPA regional offices. Additional, EPA staff who need to review the information should be able to do so from a centralized, internal hub. Improved efficiency will allow Tribe's to grow programs and complete projects much more effectively.

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    I would like to see tribes get more involved in green technology investments, on and off the tribal lands. For instance, raised solar structures provide the shade needed in desert regions to allow crops to be grown under the solar structures. Such efforts can create long term tribal employment, reduce tribal food costs, while also creating a cooling effect for the environment.

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    Peggy Dirsa

    Since funds are limited, is there any way to have some on-going relationships or ongoing guest-spots in local college classrooms, esp in Sociology courses. This might help get more young people aware and involved and start volunteering ... or whatnot to help.

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