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Value Environmental Resources to Encourage Preservation

Currently, we ask private property owners to preserve resources that the public values. The public must compensate the property owner based on the value of the resource. This can be done with density bonuses, transferable development rights and/or tax breaks.

The current system encourages impacts to resources to preserve property value. The public will have to accept higher densities on good developable property in exchange for preservation of important resources.


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    Reid Rowlands

    Private property owners meaning residential and commercial property owners?

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    Jim McCulley ( Idea Submitter )

    Reid, I am talking mostly about undeveloped property or re-development sites. I have seen important resources wiped out by property owners because they would devalue the property when sold to a developer. If the resources actually made the property more valuable (depending on the value of the resource), preservation would be encouraged rather than discouraged.

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