Vinegar as pesticide


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Campaign: Protecting America’s Waters

Use gallon of vinegar on weeds instead of using pesticides. Vinegar kills weeds dead, is exceedingly cheaper than toxins and does no harm to groundwater.


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    I agree with this idea. I think the average American has far too much access to chemicals on store shelves they know or understand very little about.

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    Sally Castle

    I accidently clicked on disagree. I agree or at least open to try this.

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    This is a super idea. Vinegar is relatively inexpensive, non-threatening to the soil-as far as I know- and, according to you, it gets the job done in terms of eliminating weeds. I use vinegar for many things: cleaning floors, windows, etc. I use apple cider vinegar for exfoliating my face, and for rubbing on my hair and scalp as a way to reduce dandruff. It works!

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