Taking Action on Climate Change

When will we focus on the REAL cause of pollution?

As a veteran EPA employee, I am appalled that EPA has not addressed the fundamental driver of pollution, that is, population. Our government appears to be so fearful of the voting repercussions that it cannot even address such an important issue. The population equation is simple: population = carrying capacity of the planet. We have already seen many species reduced to extinction or near extinction. For example: We are eating fish that just a few years ago were considered baitfish that are now considered legitimate table fair. A simple rule of thumb is that “A few can live with a lot or a lot can live with little.” When the population is small the carrying capacity of the planet is great and resources are abundant. When the population is large, demands on resources are great and scarcity prevails until the carrying capacity is reached and the population will be “corrected” without mercy. We are intelligent beings. It is time EPA leads with intelligent leadership. EPA needs to make a concerted effort to focus on the primary driver of pollution instead of the results of population demands on the environment. Please consider the following: Does one really need to have more than two children? Do religions really say we should forsake our planet to populate the earth indefinitely? The carbon footprint of a couple without children is virtually nothing relative to the footprint of a large family and all of its decedents.



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