Taking Action on Climate Change

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My name is Dean Carroll.I am a normal workimg 24 year old living in Australia.

I care for the environment and worry about global warming.I believe people especially young people are not educated enough on these major issues facing humanity.I recently watched two very good documentaries called Surviving Progress and the 11th Hour.These programs are show on TV but not enough.Al Gore also has a good documentary called An Inconveniant Truth.These three documentaries and others like them should be subsidised by government so the can be aired on national TV stations more often so most people can watch them and get people talking about this very real issue.

Also a big step to changing attitude is to show these types of documentaries to the youth of society while they are in high school classes.It will promote recycling, encourage the reusing of items and objects.Hopefully curb and discourage the greedy capitalist and wasteful societies that we have become.This school program scheme is a very good way of raising awareness amongst the young masses.

Another simple advert or program that could be shown on TV or in schools is about turning off the tap as one brushes ones teeth,simply topic but one that wastes millions of water each year.


Thank you for your time and I hope as an influential department you can try put these schemes or similar into motion.


Dean Carroll



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