Protecting America’s Waters

stop fertalizing your lawn ,you are killing us

I am blessed to live next to the last living estuaries in the united states, the wonderful, magical Indian River Lagoon, It's so sad to see the product of human vanity for their lawns near such a drastically important role in the life cycle, of all life. Without this estuary would deem catastrophe on the future of marine life, and eventually our own,.I believe it should be against the law to fertilize near such a fragile area where life spawns in so many forms. Our sea grass is dying and that means death for everything, all fish spawning, manatees, every life in the lagoon, wich is beyond people's comprehension.


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    I wish stores would stop selling fertilizer and pesticides retail to homeowners most of whom don't know what they are doing. But that would be trampling on the right of Monsanto and its peers to PUSH PRODUCT.

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