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stop pebble mine in alaska EPA u have the power!

Is I live in mass just watched frontline program on the planned mega mine that an evil and sinister corporation named pebble plans to build in alaska that will screw the people and kill the fish while displacing lots of wildlife and ruining that beautiful landscape. Is nothing safe from greed? Wtf! However the EPA has the power to stop them. Now im just a girl that really doesnt care about much besides tanning and my make up but maybe i was supposed to be up all night to see this show. I picked up my phone searched for EPA and registered and typed this out so lets hope u do the right thing to EPA! Really a big Whole in the ground in alaska then every other guy with money digging next to him. Dont let these people buy you please. Please.


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    I believe it should be at least technically feasible to remove almost any kind of underground asset (mostly ores of minerals) from under almost any surface asset (forest, streams, farmland, even buildings) from a single fairly small drill pad next to the surface asset. Modern drilling technology is advanced enough to drill in almost any direction, including horizontally. It would also help to internalize external costs. We can do cost benefit analysis to get a pretty good estimate of the external costs of almost any commercial activity by firm. We can estimate both the cost to clean up the mess and the cost of damage done. We should expect the firm making the mess to pay either for cleaning up the mess or for the damage done by the mess, whichever is less, rather than just letting big business get away with at least negligent manslaughter if not murder.

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    old environmental activists like me are so relieved to know that the standard is being taken up and carried by a new generation!

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