Protecting America’s Waters

3 Healthy varieties of Drinking Water for all via new SVD units

Eventually our idea will become a sustainable business. Currently we are innovating our idea with our recently selected prototyping manufacturer.

Our Street Vending Dispenser (SVD) units once installed at 10 million global sidewalk-pavement locations will enable on-the-go individuals who have purchased our unique U-Can reusable flask to purchase (at a reasonable price) three types of healthy uniquely filtered drinking waters.

All children and the poorest people on Earth will be provided one U-Can flask refill per day for free.

Our service ensure the highest quality of drinking water worldwide, reducing quantities of single-use plastic bottles manufactured, their shipping to retail outlets, and the disposal issues. OIL savings!

Reducing the number of deaths and waterborne illnesses globally.

Water U-Can Trust aims to improve all our health using well researched knowledge in a convenient way.

We can live a month without food, seven days without water but only two minutes without oxygen.



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