Taking Action on Climate Change

Cooling the oceans back down.

Humanity can aggressively address aquatic warming, simply by imposing much stricter regulations against continued aquatic thermal contamination. Taxes and tax incentives can be imposed. All weapons testing and other unnecessary thermal sources should be banned around the globe. All sea going vessels, nuclear reactors, city sewers, factories, industry, agriculture etc…on the open waters and along the shoreline should have their BTU contributions estimated and evaluated, as to their ability to reduce their various contributions. Other methods would then naturally have to be imposed to create compensation for that contribution that cannot be quickly removed. This would have to include the harvesting and or venting of natural thermal sources, such as; thermal vents, and stable volcanic fishers. This effort would also have to be supplemented with ocean based solar structures in regions, where the electricity can be utilized, and where the seas are always calm. The solar structures would absorb and convert the suns solar contribution, while shading the surface of the water creating cold-spotting, which would also promote the venting of the hotter surrounding surface waters. Elevated desert based solar farms would also greatly compliment this effort, by doing the same thing, except the shading under the structures could be used to grow crops, if water is available. This would create a reduced solar contribution in these locations. The larger the systems the more cooling we’ll get.



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