Taking Action on Climate Change

Facing the facts head on!

It has been determined that "aquatic warming" is the key factor linked to the rapid decline of the planetary ice, and not just the atmospheric CO2 build-up. We cannot ignor this factor. The oceans are the greatest conductor of thermal energy on the planet. We must restore that which we've altered. We can do this in a cost effective manner by investing in projects that will create a return or substancial benefit. And there are many, but the investments are huge and new to investors. Thus they balk at the idea, because they have nothing to compare such to. This is why I've suggested the creation of an international funding agency to house the debt until many of these projects start to show a profit. Then investors will begin investing and paying down that debt, within that agency. This might be the only way to properly address the massive problem. And look at all of the long term jobs that it would create, while also reducing the world's dependancy on fossel fuels.



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