Taking Action on Climate Change

Machinery to {a) remove polutants from air, (b) cut drought

A patented system can be used to use sea waves, and river currents, that will pump water through spray nozzles to wash polluted air, or another nozzle type that produce atomized spray which will create mist; that will rise up in the cooler atmosphere into the jet stream. Remote controls will inject the jet stream with the mist produced clouds on programed schedules based on weather data that predicts condensation of the cloud on arid areas. The system is mounted on barges anchored along the contenental shelf off the coast of Oregon and Washigton States where the jet stream passes before it enters the USA. The continental aqua fir can be replineshed.

River currents/streams can be used to power gear pumps to irrigate farmable lands in higher elevation.

Both sea wave and river current power can generate electricity. in areas approved by governmental agencies, as renewable, natural source of energy. High pressure water produced can be directly used to power hydraulic motors. This will reduce air pollution, and increase international source of energy to mobilize the industries/economy.

Global warming will be abated in washing carbon from the air, and reducing oil and coal use for energy.

Loss of ozone layer above Antartic and New Zealand lets solar radiation to pass unrestricted. Sea waves in these areas can produce electricity that will generate oxygen from water. This electricity will also convert this oxygen to ozone that can rise above warmer air.

Please let me know of how I may secure funding to immediately implement any or all of these projects. The technology used in design and operation are basic and the parts are shelf items (readily available). Units can be deployed everywhere in the world in less than one year from time of funding. Please let me know how I might be able to implement the projects.


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