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Expanding the Conversation on Environmentalism and Working for Environmental Justice

Make your Vote Count

I think the most important thing that any of us can do to initiate a conversation about the environment, energy or global warming is to work to reform our election process. Even those who start in politics wanting to make big changes are beholden to corporate money for election financing and thus our lawmakers report to interests that are directly counter to those that would make a difference in protecting our world. (ie. It is hard to support new and green technology when big oil doesn't want those technologies as competition and big oil just wrote you a big check for your election campaign.)


There is a nationwide movement to reform the election process to make sure that those who govern are making decisions for the public good not for a select few that fund political campaigns. If you search on youtube for Lawrence Lessig The Problem with Money in Politics, you can view a simple yet highly descriptive and engaging talk on this issue given recently at a conference about reform held at UCLA School of Law. Dr. Lessig is a Harvard Law professor. It is refreshing to see such bright minds lending their voice to this important issue.


There are countless documentaries, TEDTalks, websites, dedicated to this systemic issue and the negative effect it is having on our ability to make the big changes that need to happen in order to save our planet for future generations.


Please support those who run for office without taking large dollar donations and join a group focused on reform.


Real change is not possible without reforming our election system.



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