Protecting America’s Waters

Multi-Jurisdictional Agency Support for Public Participation

Federal lands in county jurisdictions are not accountable for stormwater pollution prevention of state water bodies. Local jurisdictions (counties and cities) under regulation by regional state agencies -- with no authority to address federal land contributions to receiving water body impairments -- place the burden of correcting impaired conditions on local land owners in proximity to the water body, through public agency operation of Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems. There does not seem to be any agency that the public can work with to bring all of the responsible parties together for cooperative action to protect watersheds and vital water supplies.


Local governments in rural communities also lack capacities to provide resources for public participation in developing solutions to watershed injuries and past misuses; former programs for technical assistance in disadvantaged communities have disappeared.


The wealth of the world wide web and the US EPA's education resources are lost on small local communities with high unemployment, degraded economic/ecological conditions, and retarded social institutions ("wild west" style local government).


LOCAL connections to environmental resources for development of economic enterprises that serve to restore our suffering watersheds -- eschew the non-responsive hierarchy of local/regional/state/federal agency bulwarks so that the people can get involved. Please. (Of course, this website is a very intriguing attempt to jumpstart that, perhaps -- GO EPA!)



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