Expanding the Conversation on Environmentalism and Working for Environmental Justice

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-Set up recycling pick up at all post offices. I've never lived anywhere that had easily available recycling centers, but every town has a post office and trash pick-up.

-Charge extra money for things in individual packaging. If it is turned into the recycling center, then they get their extra fee back. Don't want to pay extra, buy in larger containers.

-Get rid of plastic packaging, bags, wrappers, etc. Go to biodegradable packaging. Pass legislature and enforce it!

-Install solar panels and windmills on the roof of public office buildings and schools, the US has around 100,000 schools. This could supplement clean energy to our communities.

Look at the European countries (Sweden specifically), they burn waste to produce electricity and recycling is mainstream. Recycling should be mainstream in the US, we are supposed to be innovative yet we are way behind the times.



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