Improving Air Quality

No More Burning

In Lancaster County PA, many Farmers tell you they don't read or speak English so they doln't know they are breaking the law when their livestock stands in creeks or when they burn huge plastic containers off State Road 89s beween Strasburg and Delaware. Many people from all backgrounds, burn their garbage after 5 and on weekends when no Fire Marshall is working. Start a Youth Facebook/Kindle/IPhone program to create a picture/video record of anyone burning anything in Lancaster County. Or anyone whose anumals are messing up the creeks and hence, The Bay. Offer small prizes for anyone whose video is delivered to the offender with a guide as to how to comply with the law. Or have the kids deliver it with adult supervision. Make a school program, put it in the paper, put it on WGAL.... Sometimes the air is so bad here I gag on my way to work, literally gag, and I don't have any conditions. The air from the manure spreading is so full of that odor, the smoke is so thick--that I speed up or must roll up the windows---sometimes we can't work or play outside with the children. So one person drives a whole community inside.



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