Improving Air Quality

Put pm range on new maps of wood smoke problem areas

The Am Lung says EPA is going to publish a map of wood smoke pollution problem areas. Good. Put put a range on the total pm estimated so gov will know the pm likely. It is not NAAQS but tells where threats are believed to be occurring and threats to life and health have to be stopped and investigated per essential services policy of the DHHS. Then burning by stoves can be prohibited in problem areas. Pellet stoves will probably be OK unless they produce smells indicating health problems too. NYSERDA work showed base pm from oil and gas combustion is about 25 mcg/m3. Ave pm in the Hudson River Valley is 50 mcg/m3 and the top of the ave range is 75 mcg/m3. This is believed to be occurring in all New England river valleys and pond areas.



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