Improving Air Quality

Reducing Pollution Won't Work

There is no chance we can reduce global point source pollution (like cars) enough to matter at this point. (Will we invade China or Brazil to force them to drive alternate days or to stop burning rain forest?)


We should continue changing the dynamic of technology, sure. But we must push a "New Era", possibly with a "Moonshot" political impetus, regarding big picture mitigation:


In America we clean nearly every drop of water we use twice.


We can use that example as a rational path to normalize air quality treatment systems and methods (as a utility operation). Especially if the demonstration pioneering is in China or other horrifically bad areas.


Sure the big fans or alage ponds or whatever we come up with will seem wierd for a few days, and the Righties wil cry foul. But all it has to do is work - to clean Salt Lake or Phx or L.A. (or Bejing) and no one will ever complain again.



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