Protecting America’s Waters

Redundant Urban Roadways

If domestic, urban municipalities are responsible for the largest share of contaminated water discharge in both brownfields and waterways, furthermore having population concentrations that are expected to increase from 50% now to 70% in 2050, then we need to consider some alternatives to the current cost and infrastructure of handling storm run-off in coastal cities and human waste around the country. I wrote a Sustainable Business Marketing Proposal for a class I took in the Shoreline Community College Clean Energy Technology program. This proposal outlines my idea for using networks of redundant and costly roadways in neighborhoods for creating water protection buffer zones, short rotation coppicing for biomass, new areas for gardening and new economic opportunities for low income/high pollution neighborhoods. I can email it as an attachment. My email is: I think the EPA does amazing work, when I get out of school I hope to get the opportunity to work with both individuals and agency of this caliber and office. Thank you.

Dawn Hardin



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