Taking Action on Climate Change

The Making of the Future--A film for our future generations

I am a documentary filmmaker who is currently working on an environmental film about not only the current crisis, but solutions to the problems that we face. I have been thinking green for over 40 years and I consider this to be a culmination of my life's work. As a one woman independent film crew, it has taken me about a year, traveling the world, to gather all my material. All that I am asking is that you take 5 minutes to watch my trailer and see what I'm doing. I have begun a crowdfunding campaign to pay for the costs associated with this film. I will go broke making it, but I know that people care about our planet. You can donate as few as $5, the cost of a sandwich, to help me finish this film. Please share with anyone you know who might want to take action. I would love to hear back from you!! Watch: http://www.rockethub.com/projects/9533-the-making-of-the-future



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