Taking Action on Climate Change

Vermiculture for Reducing Global Warming and Climate Change

What if Global Warming, Dust Storms, Soil Erosion, Severe Climate Change, and excessive use of chemical fertilizers could be reduced, all with the same solution? What if this same solution could convert any organic waste to a valuable resource that could increase crop growth up to 20% in less time and without the use of inorganic fertilizers? What if 336 trillion fewer kg of carbon in the form of carbon dioxide were to be in the air as a part of this solution? What if this solution was a fraction of the cost and saved tremendous amounts of energy to what we do today? What if the solution was as simple as the "redworm". Composting is ineffective without worms which then becomes vermicomposting. Vermicomposting of Municipal Sludge creates an odorless, pathogen free Class A biosolid that can be used as a rich source of nutrients to plants and add soil carbon to the land. It can be land applied and unlike Class B biosolids, with virtually no restrictions due to its low content of metals, pathogens, and accumulation of nutrients over time. The worm castings speed up seed germination, reduce plant diseases, increase crop yields, reduce leaching and ponding, and provide readily available nutrients to the soil. Increased soil carbon reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and glues the sand, silt, and clay together to reduce soil erosion. Using "Vermistabilization" reduces costs of present practices 50% or more and saves landfill space and use of incineration alternatives that waste energy and pollute the air. The castings can be beneficial for flowers, nursery stock, landscaping, organic farming, garden centers, golfcourses, turf farms, and for reclaiming lost agricultural soils. Go to www.vermistabilization.com for more information on this revolutionary technology that requires funding to prove to the E.P.A. that it meets all criteria of EPA's 503 PFRP (Processes to further reduce pathogens) requirements as an alternative Class A Pathogen Stabilization Methodology. Many other countries are successfully using it; why not the U.S?



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