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Improving Air Quality

Make Background Radiation & Radon Progeny Maps Available.

After Fukushima, we invested in some measuring gear, and have been surprised by what we see. As a layman, have taken a number of roadside readings over a significant swath in my travels in Colorado and Wyoming, and the observations suggest a couple widespread issues: 1) apparently elevated background radiation; 2) radioactive isotopes being deposited on surfaces by rainwater (and likely inhaled in moist rain air).

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Expanding the Conversation on Environmentalism and Working for Environmental Justice

Are bees sensitive to changes in background radiation?

As discussed under air quality, based on admittedly limited (self-funded) layman testing and research...the background radiation levels over a significant swatch geographical swath (about 250 miles of road) appear to be elevated over historical levels. Roughly, the readings are about 2x over historical levels. Is this enough of a change to cause issues with some species?

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