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Expanding the Conversation on Environmentalism and Working for Environmental Justice

Value Environmental Resources to Encourage Preservation

Currently, we ask private property owners to preserve resources that the public values. The public must compensate the property owner based on the value of the resource. This can be done with density bonuses, transferable development rights and/or tax breaks.

The current system encourages impacts to resources to preserve property value. The public will have to accept higher densities on good developable property in... more »


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Everyday Green Tips


The Annual Quality Report and water Conservation guide has been a required report since 1996. In many jurisdictions a whole booklet is mailed to all water meter owners for specific utilities. My recommendation is that instead of the entire report being mailed, why not mail a card directing the meter owners to a web site with the information, or offering to send copies to those who need hard copies. Millions of dollars... more »


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