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Lunchbox Project

Ordering lunch to-go in your own, reusable container (like Tupperware) can prevent a ton of plastic waste from ending up in landfills, gutters, and the ocean. 93% of plastic in the U.S. is NOT recycled, but rather ends up in the landfill.

The Lunchbox Project is simple and effortless. Leave a reusable container at the office and there‚Äôs no forgetting. The Lunchbox Project promotes your local economy by encouraging people... more »


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Expanding the Conversation on Environmentalism and Working for Environmental Justice

Stop using styrofoam lunch trays in all USA schools!

School districts all across the USA are serving school food on Styrofoam (also known as polystyrene) lunch trays. These trays, composed of the chemicals styrene and benzene, are used for about 30 minutes only, then most commonly incinerated or transported to landfills where they take up an enormous amount of space. In New York City alone, 850,000 Styrofoam trays are used per day, which are exported to out of state to... more »


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