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Lunchbox Project

Ordering lunch to-go in your own, reusable container (like Tupperware) can prevent a ton of plastic waste from ending up in landfills, gutters, and the ocean. 93% of plastic in the U.S. is NOT recycled, but rather ends up in the landfill.

The Lunchbox Project is simple and effortless. Leave a reusable container at the office and there‚Äôs no forgetting. The Lunchbox Project promotes your local economy by encouraging people... more »


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Expanding the Conversation on Environmentalism and Working for Environmental Justice

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-Set up recycling pick up at all post offices. I've never lived anywhere that had easily available recycling centers, but every town has a post office and trash pick-up.
-Charge extra money for things in individual packaging. If it is turned into the recycling center, then they get their extra fee back. Don't want to pay extra, buy in larger containers.
-Get rid of plastic packaging, bags, wrappers, etc. Go to biodegradable... more »


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Taking Action on Climate Change

Let's talk about E-wastes

I have become interested with the issues regarding e-wastes, but I really do not have that much information about the subject.

For this reason it would be nice of you people if we could use this space to share our ideas about e-wastes in general, such as our opinions on how it is handled, how it affects the areas we live in, or even some solutions and proposals that we might think of to provise solutions to this problem.... more »


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