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Assuring the Safety of Chemicals

Air quality related to car emissions.

Ask that local police check for valid emission test receipts from drivers they stop, and from drivers whose vehicles are visibly emitting noxious and profuse smoke. This includes school buses which I see many driving down highways and streets with noxious, blue smoke escaping from their tailpipes. I know that Illinois will not allow drivers to renew their state vehicle tags without an emissions pass (every two years),... more »


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Improving Air Quality

Require no-idling technology in all new cars

Idle start/stop systems shut a car down when it is idling. Since idling causes unnecessary emissions, why not do more than encourage drivers not to idle?

Some cars already have this technology, such as Toyota Prius and Mini Cooper. And some car manufacturers are already planning on using this for all their cars in the future, such as Mazda and Ford. We should require it of all new cars.


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